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Tahnee Marks and Lyndelle Anson



Katherine (Kitty) was an invaluable source of support for me in the weeks leading up to and during my labour and birth. Kitty offered practical advice about labour and also provided a lot of support emotionally about my fears of a second traumatic birth. As I went past my due date, Kitty was very supportive about each set of false contractions until the real thing started. She was so supportive on the day and during labour, helping both my husband and I achieve the birth we wanted and grow our family in a way that was healing from past experiences. I can't thank Kitty enough !

Carla & Ben Geelong



 I sought out doula services to ensure some continuity of care and practical guidance as I was not in the midwifery program and wanted some extra support especially since I was hoping for a VBAC.

I definitely gained this continuity of care and practical support but also so much more. The relationship my doula , Lyndelle,and I built was very special, to me and my husband and our two year old daughter as well. The emotional support and guidance was so necessary and lovely, even or perhaps especially for someone who likes to focus on the practicalities. The process opened up the possibility of really honouring the pregnancy and birthing process, something I had previously not really appreciated. The quality of practical advice and information is provided is first rate. The additional perspective such a bonus to have. Lyndelle is kind, knowing, intuitive and great for a laugh when the chips are down and you’ve been up all night. She promises to be your cheerleader and she is this and so much more. I would recommend doula services and indeed Lyndelle to any mama to be. It will ensure you bring out the best in yourself at this very special and challenging time.'

Ro and Simon, Ocean Grove   

It's hard to even know how to express the right amount of thanks to Lyndelle. Those 51 hours were so important in Emerald's life and without you there by my side it would have been impossible to give her the incredible advantage of a natural drug free birth.

Your insights on what to do and when to do it are just beyond incredible. " Oh gosh all I want is a mint or lolly " instantly you gave me the perfect lolly, a cold washer, a gentle word here and there, 51 hours of total attention and focus, the long hours standing in the shower wetting your shoes and comforting me through the long road of dilation....just everything !

At the point where everything was about to end the way I feared, you had a way of showing me how to find something deep inside that was needed to bring Emerald out into the world free from cold metal wrapped around her head and a cocktail of drugs surging through her little body.

She may have had a rough entry and she's only a day old but gee you have made her start amazing and from the deepest deep of my heart and Shane's we wanted to pass across our gratitude and thank you for something that was far beyond help and the closest expression of humanity and all the things that are good about humans that we have both seen. Thankyou will never be enough....




Tahnee, the words “thankyou” just don’t say enough to express our absolute admiration, love and appreciation for helping us bring Isabelle into the world. I cant find the words to tell you how much you mean to us in the whole amazing birth experience. You were our rock; our nurturing guidance and we will be forever grateful for the compassion, leadership and love you showed us through every single step of the way. 

Emma, Point Lonsdale

Professional Doulas in Geelong


My whole experience with my doula Tahnee was amazing, my birth was everything I could have hoped for and more. Having had severe hyperemesis and multiple hospital admissions during my pregnancy the support I received from Tahnee helped me cope with one of the hardest times of my life. The birth of my first child was long and extremely painful , following this I was so frightened for this time around. During my labour Tahnee kept me focused relaxed, happy and drug free the whole way through. My labour was the labour every woman dreams of and hopes for and I truly believe this was all because of Tahnee. She is an amazing woman whom I have great admiration for. Thankyou. “

Simone  , Grovedale

I had Tahnee at the birth of my son which was a 38 hour labour ending in a c-section. I cannot recommend her highly enough ! She was an amazing support not only to myself but to my husband as well. I cant imagine how I would have made it through that birth without her ! 

Tania , Mt Duneed

Tahnee was absolutely fabulous to deal with – so friendly and made us feel at ease as first time parents. She provided us with plenty of information so we could arm ourselves and prepare for our birth, and was extremely helpful when our natural birth plan went out the window and the c-section plan came in, offering emotional support and helping us to focus on the positives of our situation. We will definitely be asking Tahnee to act as our doula for any future births. 

Rachael , Bannockburn

Tahnee, the service you provided was brilliant and far exceeded what I was expecting. I was impressed with your amount of knowledge and really liked that you had experience in all types of births. I also liked that you were not pushy or invasive and did exactly what you said you were going to do – provide support for both me and Dan. We were both extremely grateful and wil not hesitate to use you again. “

Bridget , Newtown

Tahnee was invaluable for my husband and I as our birth took and emergency c-section route. Her calm support and guidance during my own worsening health and emergency surgery made our experience of Zoe’s birth a great deal more positive than we could have imagined ! Her knowledge and support helped us to create a better birth, her empathy, common sense and massage helped as we prepared for surgery. I could not recommend Tahnee more highly and will happily speak to anyone about my experience. 

Jen , Cranbourne

Tahnee just knew exactly what I needed . The information she provided me was useful every step of the way. O am so grateful for the support she provided throughout my pregnancy and beyond. There wont be another one but if I ever did need a doula again it would be Tahnee. Thankyou for everything.

Claire , Keilor




Candice was able to set our mind’s at ease as soon as we met her. She provided amazing support in assisting me through my anxiety about giving birth, keeping me focussed and positive during labour and supporting my husband to provide me with support during the labour (which was our main reason for engaging a doula). Candice was able to keep us calm and grounded during a complication that could have otherwise been quite scary. We cannot thank you enough Candice!