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Certificate in Doula Support Services

Geelong Doula Training group at Diversitat Geelong

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The Certificate in Independent Doula Practice equips Doulas with the skills and training to operate as part of an agency or operate their own Doula practice.  This course will deepen your knowledge relating to pregnancy, birth and postpartum care of woman and infants.

Career outcomes from this course -

Independent Private Doula

Course Pre-requisites

No formal prerequisites however a basic knowledge and passion for pregnancy and childbirth support is essential.

Practical Placement

You will be required to support two pregnant and / or postpartum women throughout their journey. We will assist you with securing these clients and provide you with a professional mentor and back up student to support you 24/7 throughout your placement.

Course date/s :

Commence any time throughout the year.


  • o The role of the Doula
  • o Physiology, pregnancy and birth
  • o Fetal development from conception to birth
  • o The brain in labour
  • o The stages of labour    
  • o Baby presentation in labour
  • o Common pregnancy complaints            
  • o Routine testing during pregnancy   ·             
  • o Diet and exercise during pregnancy   ·             
  • o Maternal positioning during pregnancy  
  • o Birth positioning  
  • o Rebozo techniques              
  • o Pregnancy massage                
  • o Introductory acupressure
  • o Identifying your own beliefs  
  • o Active listening 
  • o How to hold a client meeting 
  • o Recognising bias in research 
  • o Writing a birth plan  
  • o Common reasons for interventions                                       
  • o Induction methods   
  • o Augmentation methods                                                  
  • o Assisted delivery                                                            ·             
  • o Pain relief in labour ·             
  • o Cesarean section             
  • o Baby immediately following birth ·             
  • o Special care nursery ·             
  • o Feeding baby ·             
  • o Cord and placenta care ·             
  • o Recognising PND ·             
  • o Referrals ·             
  • o Grief and loss            
  • o Doulas in legal case studies  
  • o The law and the Doula           
  • o Client transportation              
  • o In-home liability               
  • o Confidentiality and Privacy             
  • o Record keeping              
  • o Freebirth         
  • o Business forms and consent ·             
  • o Ethics   
  • o Developing a business plan 
  • o Marketing 
  • o Social Media 
  • o Branding 
  • o Business growth and development 
  • o Business registration and book keeping 
  • o Networking 
  • o Retailing – encapsulation, casting, jewellery etc       
  • o Aromatherapy            
  • o The Doula Kit – What is in a Doula kit and how to use it

Course Delivery and Duration

· Online Theory 10 units

· Practical placement approx 20 hours

Course Fees

$750 *

Concession $550 *

* Weekly or fortnightly payment plans are available

everybody benefits.